Privacy Policy

The management at Jin Jidosha Japan Co., Ltd. (“Jin Jidosha Japan ”) realizes that privacy of information our users provide us is of utmost importance. Our team strives to exhibit and maintain high levels of social responsibility and consistently work for the betterment of our society and our stakeholders. This document details one area of how we create value and improve our relationship with society at large – Information protection. The document details how Jin Jidosha Japan collects, records, and utilizes the information provided to us by our users, and the ways we use that information to create more value for our customers. We consider this information an important asset of our customers and work hard to protect this information from all kinds of threats which may negatively impact their lives and relationship with us. To that end, we employ industry leading practices to protect this information, as described below.

How we protect your information

In order to exhibit the highest levels of privacy protection, Jin Jidosha Japan makes use of industry leading standards and follows the stringent laws set forth by the global community. To that end, Jin Jidosha Japan observes the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the Act on the Use of Social Security and Tax Number System. A team at Jin Jidosha Japan has been dedicated to the task of consistently monitoring the security of our users’ personal information and taking necessary steps to improve them. Other than expressly stated on our website, Jin Jidosha Japan does not use personal information outside of the scope of our business, and take special measure to ensure this standard is maintained. We do not disclose our users’ private information to any third party for any reason, except where expressly stated and communicated to the user. Jin Jidosha Japan also maintains military-grade systems to ensure no unauthorized access is made to personal information and to prevent permanent damage to that information. We continually enhance our capabilities in this realm of information security. In case of queries, we take extreme care and respond to such queries quickly and efficiently.


We describe a user’s Personal Information that can directly identify an individual on the bases of their name, address, email address, contact number, and other descriptions, etc. Furthermore, any other form of information which does not directly disclose the identity of the individual but, in collaboration with supplementary information, can corroborate the identity of the user also comes into the scope of this definition.

2. How and why we use PERSONAL INFORMATION

Jin Jidosha Japan restricts its use of Personal Information as defined within the scope of its Purpose of Use. We define our Purpose of Us in order to clarify our protocols on how their Personal Information will be handled. This Purpose of Use is limited according to the circumstances in which the information is gathered, as described below.
(1) Achieving the Purpose of Use of our service and business.
(2) Notices of service, etc. to its customers.
(3) Giving notice to shareholders, provision of various types of information and shareholder management
(4) Exercise of rights or performance of obligations based on Act of Japan and other relevant laws and ordinances
(5) Responding to inquiries, requests, etc. from its customers
(6) Carrying out operations incidental to (1) through (5) above and operations to properly and smoothly manage the business of Jin Jidosha Japan

If a situation arises where Jin Jidosha Japan is forced to use Personal Information outside the limitations defined herein, Jin Jidosha Japan will seek customer’s full consent before using said Personal Information.

3. personal data and third parties

At any point during business operations, Jin Jidosha Japan will not provide any customer’s Personal Information to a third party without the customer’s full consent to the extent of Personal Information being shared and for what purpose. However under the following circumstances, consent may not be sought.
(1) A requirement of law;
(2) Protecting a human life, body or legal entities or assests.
(3) When forwarding information to a consignee when necessary to carry out normal business with the customer.
(4) When using Personal Information in collaboration with a partner company of Ji Jidosha, but within the boundaries defined and communicated in the Purpose of Use.
(5) To provide, in an unrecoverable format, Personal Information in a format that does not allow easy identification or recognition of the corresponding individual.


In certain cases of our operations, Jin Jidosha Japan may entrust some or all of our customers’ Personal Information to a third party contractor. This course of action is only performed when the contractor in question is expected to adequately manage all Personal Information in a diligent manner and can appropriately specify matters concerning handling of such Personal Information such as security, confidentiality, return policy in case of expiration or termination of agreement with Jin Jidosha Japan.


Jin Jidosha Japan will not gather, utilize or transmit any sensitive information regarding our customers to any third party. This includes any information regarding healthcare, business history unless stated otherwise.

6. Use of explicit personal information

Jin Jidosha Japan does not gather, utilize or transmit any Specific Personal Information beyond what has been described in the Purpose of Us. In any case, no Specific Personal Information will ever be provided to any third party without prior consent from the customer.

7. customer request for notice of disclosure of use of Exlplicit personal information

Customer requests for notice of disclosure, amendment or suspension of use of Personal Information and Explicit Personal Information that’s held by Jin Jidosha Japan shall be directed to our contact office for further correspondence. After the customer contacts Jin Jidosha Japan for such an inquiry, we first confirm the identity of the customer as the requesting party and then ask them to complete a form designated by us. Jin Jidosha Japan will then follow the procedures and, in principle, provide the customer with a response either in writing or over phone call in a proper and timely manner. In certain cases, Jin Jidosha Japan may charge a fees for facilitating such a request.

8. use of personal data to improve services

Jin Jidosha Japan uses cookies to improve its services and provide a better overall experience to its users.


Jin Jidosha Japan takes great care and employs the highest quality systems to ensure security of Personal Information of our users. We make sure that there is no divulgence, loss or damage inflicted upon any personal information you provide to us. Jin Jidosha Japan will also work to maintain the accuracy and prompt update of all Personal Information necessary to carry out business.


At Jin Jidosha Japan, we take all complaints and inquiries very seriously. Hence why we immediately entertain all complaints at our earliest to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. If any customer has a query on the matter of our handling of Personal Information and Explicit Personal Information, they can contact us at our office.
Contact Office


Jin Jidosha Japan handles personal information in accordance with the laws and standard practices followed by the global community. We continually make improvements to our services in light of these laws and work hard to uphold them at all areas of our business. At times, our Privacy Policy may be revised in light of changes in regulations or laws within the region. At such times we will promptly update our Privacy Policy document and notify our users.