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Jin Jidosha Japan Delivers High Quality Used Vehicles to the Port Louis, Mauritius.
Hottest Selling Cars in Mauritius!

Why People of Mauritius Prefer Jin Jidosha Japan !

huge Inventory

More than 2000 vehicles in stock specifically for Mauritius. You can choose your car from any maker, and model.

Accurate Representation

Our assigned inspectors are present at each auction house so that customers can get better picture of cars before they make a purchase.

Best FOB Price

Get the best freight on board price for high quality used Japanese cars in Mauritius. Moreover, our cars are extremely affordable.

Immense experience

We have more than twenty years of experience in exporting used Japanese vehicles. Additionally, we deal in all types of cars.

Auction Sheet Translation

We can assist you in providing free of cost auction sheet translation so that you can get a clearer picture of the cars.

24/7 availability

The best thing about our company is that we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we are always there to help you out.

Important Information about Importing Mauritius.

  • IMPORT REGULATIONSUsed car more than 48 months old or less than 18 months, is not allowed to be shipped in Mauritius.
  • NECESSARY DOCUMENTS • Original Invoice
    • Bill of lading / Airway bill
    • Bill of entry
    • Import Permit
  • TRANSPORTATION Your vehicle will be shipped to Port Louis, Mauritius. The shipment takes approximately 3-4 weeks.
  • Inspection testAll Japanese used vehicles imported to Mauritius must be JAAI certified and have JUMVEA Certification for Auction Sheet Authenticity.
Port Louis

Import Duties & Regulations

Excise duties liable on vehicles based on their cylinder capacity are as mentioned below:-

Motor Cars:-
  • Less than 550 - 15%
  • Above 550 but less than 1600 - 55%
  • Above 1601cc but less than 2000cc – 75%
  • Above 2000cc – 100%

  • Up to 1600 -55%
  • Above 1600 - 100%

Trucks: - 40%
  • Motorcycle: - for 250 - 45%

Auction sheet authenticity certification by JUMVEA for Mauritius

In the recently revised Mauritian vehicle import policy, all used vehicles being imported are required to have an authenticity certificate of the auction sheet by JUMVEA. This law is effective for all vehicle imports from January 22nd 2018, in order to get the vehicles off the port. This certification is required to verify that the information stated on the auction sheet is accurate and is the actual auction sheet of the vehicle being imported.

The JUMVEA Certification authenticates the following information:
  • Original/ untampered auction sheet of the vehicle being imported
  • Correct representation of auction grade and auction house
  • Precise details of chassis ID, mileage and year of manufacture/ registration

Sydney Teza

I have recently purchase the latest Toyota Hi-ace model from Jin Jidosha Japan. The car which I received from Jin Jidosha Japan was in excellent condition.....

Simengwa Adams

Jin Jidosha Japan is the best company I have ever seen in Japan. The transaction was very swift, at the same time you did it as quick as possible.....