Jin Jidosha Japan presents direct access to its customers with auction houses present all over in Japan. Moreover, the company has an exclusive membership with over 120 auction houses. By virtue of our relationship with these auction houses, more than 40,000 units are accessible to the company on a daily basis. Apart from this, we also bid on behalf of our customers on a minimum deposit amount. Jin Jidosha Japan will provide you:

  • Affordable, flexible and economical prices on each unit
  • Access to the largest variety of Japanese used cars
  • Easy payment handling after you successfully win your desired vehicle
  • Portal into largest Japanese auction houses.

Place Deposit

In order to enter the bid for Japanese used cars auction, a small deposit would need to be made. This will enable access to Japan used car auctions. This is a gateway for customers to choose from a wide range of cars available. The contesting bidders will need to make a minimum deposit payment for gaining access to auction. It will automatically make you eligible to bid in the Japan used car auctions. In the event of an unsuccessful bid, the deposit will be allocated for payment of any other reserved car.

Access to Auction

Jin Jidosha Japan allows customers access to auctions upon deposit payment. Customers can now select their vehicle of choice from the available Japanese used car auction. The company provides choices from more than 120 auction houses for facilitation of our customers. If your bid is not successful then the security deposit will be transferred for payment of other reserved car.

Place a bid

The customers can bid for Japanese used car auctions on our website. The customers will be charged only the price for the successful bid. It is advisable to place the bid as high as possible for increasing the chances of winning your desired Japan used car auction.

Win your car

Upon winning your Japan used car auctions, the customers are notified of the result. The company will send a proforma invoice that would indicate the net price of the car. The total price will be provided on the basis of the original buying price at the auction.

Fixed Price Payment

The company has a policy of fixed price payment that consists of the net price of car(s). The total price that is charged is based on the original buying price at the auction. The company will not charge anything additional in the price. The shipment cost will be in accordance with the regulations of the destination port. There are no hidden and concealed charges in the price of the vehicle which would stand fixed.

Receive your car

The shipping of your Japanese used car(s) will be made upon confirmation of payment. All the relevant documents will be sent through fastest courier network after the ship sets from the loading port with your used Japanese car. You can receive your car from the port of your country. This is the final step after which you can drive your dream car.

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